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Hangzhou Lahan Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Linpu Industrial Park. Is a professional screw jack, hydraulic jacks, since the machine, Spiral Rama top with more, a variety of product development, production and sales as one of professional and technical enterprises, the company has been committed to the jack since the establishment of the industry research And development, the products are widely used in machinery, electrical, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, mining, textile, petrochemical, railway, military, automotive and other mining, maintenance and manufacturing units...[MORE]

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Do I ask your company's products after a few processes generally check?
Hello, our factory products generally pass two tests, the parts into the factory before the test, the finished product after
What is your company sent courier?
Because of the weight of the jack is not light, the factory made a unified Jia Ji logistics, and ultimately the actual situat
May I ask how many days after your payment can be shipped?
Hello, after the payment we usually ship within three days, if it is a custom service or a large amount, then the specific ci
Can the jack be reversed?
Can the jack be reversed? A: screw jack is one of the light small hand tools, one advantage is 360 ° can support heavy
How long the warranty of jack
Hangzhou lazy Han Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional screw jack, from the road, hydraulic jack R & D, production and s
Which products are your company mainly producing?
A:Hello, Our company mainly produces screw jacks of 3.2 tons to 380 tons, mechanical jack of 5 tons to 15 tons, hydraulic j
Q: what is the maximum tonnage Screw Jack can do? R:: Hello, we screw jack from the smallest 3.2 tons to the maximu
I used this screw jack before, but what happened to the idling phenomenon?
R:Does your jack have a heavy load when shaking his hand? Q:No, that's the sound of a clicked gear idling. R:T
Jack Material, advantages
R:Spiral Jack Shell is all cast iron, the lifting sleeve is 45° heat treatment seamless steel tube, built-in copper nut, top
Screw Jack Application Field
Q:What is the main use of this screw jack? R:Hello, screw jack structure simple to use, more for the use of h
Are you a screw jack manufacturer or distributor?
Q:Are you a screw jack manufacturer or distributor? Where is the factory located? R:Hello, we are a professional man
Lifting clamp scrap What are the standards?
Will lifting clamp scrap standard and lever hoist the same? If not, what is the standard of lifting clamp? A: Everyday

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15 Ton Track Jack
company:Shanxi taiyuan***Co.,Ltd
content:Order model QD15 from the starting machine, lifting capacity of 15 tons, the color is orange, the number of 56, accompanied by separate product manuals and brochures. Lazy hand jack, factory outlets, quality assurance, starting from the fair and affordable price, customer rave reviews.
10ton screw jack
content:Number of units: 10T screw jack 200pieces blue
Custom signs, standard packaging, payment within three days to be shipped
QL screw jack
company:Shui***machinery co.,ltd
content:Order Idler screw jack, tonnage of 32T high, lifting height 200mm color to sky blue, the number of products for the first time to order 30 screw jacks, as far as possible before November 20 to choose my guidance to the logistics sent me.
200 ton hydraulic jack
content:200T hydraulic jack 10 cast iron red
Do not sign, ordinary packaging, badly needed, paragraph to delivery tomorrow
QYL200 tons of hydraulic jack
company:Shandong *** Hardware Co., Ltd.
content:Order model QYL200 tons of red hydraulic jacks 10, shipped when the product maintenance and instructions sent together, accompanied by a product test report.
20 ton screw jack
content:Number of units: 20T screw jack 30 cast iron blue
Regular packaging, payment to the delivery tomorrow
QD-10Trailway jack

10T starting Machine 20 Red 

15T starting machine 25 sets of red

 neutral packaging do not hit the signs in two days must be shipped 

QLscrew jack
company:Hang***machinery Co.,ltd

100T screw Jack 4 units, 200T screw Jack 2.

 QL25T 52 pieces Requirements Green cast iron

 QL32 30 pieces Request Orange cast iron invoice with shipment best 5th arrival

QL screw jack
company:Heng***machinery Co.,ltd
content:Cast iron screw jack 32t,20 pieces, orange, 25t,8, 16t,30 pieces. Paragraph must arrive within five days, door-to-door. Accessories base to buy another 40 sets.

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